from:  Khosrobaigy
hello ,
i am using your “android chomp sms app” on my phone.
my phone is samsung galaxy ace3 .
this phone is supporting 2 simcard ,
when i install your application
when i send or receive a sms ,
it does not show that this message was sent to/by which simcard (sim1 / sim2)
it is better for users like me
(like the original messaging app)
know the simcard used for sending or receiving the sms.
i am waiting for answer.
best regards and thanks
​abbas khosrobaigy


from:  Jason
to:  Khosrobaigy <>

Appreciate the feedback.

Unfortunately stock (Google) Android does not support multiple SIMs as standard.Each Dual SIM device manufacturer creates special (custom) code to support their own devices. This means that for third-party developers like chompSMS we would have to write custom code to support *every single* Dual SIM device on the market, which is simply not practical!We need to wait till Google adds native support for dual SIM devices. Until then there’s not much we can do. Very sorry!Thanks for your understanding.

Jason – chompSMS Team

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